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Georgia connects.

It took me a while to get myself to a class with Georgia. Her reputation for rigor circulated through the yoga student community and I was cautious. However, since I finally I went for it, I have never turned back.

There is an signature athletic rigor to Georgia’s style, one that comes quite naturally to her; other personal qualities round out her wholehearted commitment to teaching the practice. Georgia connects. She is intelligent, caring, nurturing and yes, challenging when working with the class as a whole or with individuals. Her inclusive emphasis on sharing breath and movement creates some truly profound moments. You sense that she is doing this for you and for the love of yoga. In a world of ego-bound yoga stars, Georgia focuses on the class and its students; this is refreshing and fulfilling. I leave her class feeling stronger and lighter in body and soul.

Yoga students follow teachers and it is no wonder that Georgia’s “fans” are diverse and numerous.

-Cary Hewitt

Four Stars, Two Thumbs Up!

Georgia's approach to yoga has been an amazing journey of mind and body. Her extensive understanding of anatomy, coupled by a sincere enthusiasm for each of us to develop an individualized practice, makes her an excellent teacher for yogis at any level. Her ability to teach and encourage us to grow physically and mentally has been an inspiration and a lot of fun! Four stars! Two thumbs up!!

-Dr. Jimmy Hung