About Georgia and Blue Light Yoga

photo: © kadri kurgun

photo: © kadri kurgun

About Georgia and Blue Light Yoga

I have been practicing yoga for seventeen years, teaching yoga for eleven years.  I practice yoga because it makes me strong and flexible physically and emotionally; it connects me to my myself, the here and now, and to others; and it mirrors the flow of my life off my mat.  I teach yoga because I believe in the practice’s transformative and healing powers.  After almost two decades of training with teachers near and far in a myriad of disciplines, I have honed an authentic practice and method of teaching yoga that is centered on thoughtful, informed alignment (you will not get away with poor alignment in my class); smart, fun and creative sequencing; and a very intentional balance between exertion and restoration.  I teach what I know.  I share what inspires me.  My classes are challenging yet accessible.

Through the use of repetition, pranayama, bandhas, music, and with a deep respect for the cleansing power of sweat, I try to ease my students into a transformative space.  I am committed to paying attention to, engaging, and often, gently pushing my students.  My intention is for my students to be inspired and to learn in every class.  

Yoga doesn’t stop at the mat.  The practice includes our whole life.  Living honestly and authentically, being open-minded, being of service, and practicing empathy on a daily basis are the founding principles of Blue Light.  

Training and Experience

Georgia began her training in Ashtanga in Bristol Vermont in 2000.  She received her 200-hour certification in Vinyasa Yoga in 2006 at Sonic Yoga in New York City.  In 2008, she completed her MA and EdM in Psychological Counseling at Columbia University in New York City.  In October 2010, she completed an advanced training in the art of teaching Kula Flow with Schuyler Grant.  Between 2006 and 2015, she taught at multiple studios in New York City and Boston including South Boston Yoga where she was a senior teacher for seven years.  Georgia has taught at Wanderlust and Kripalu and led multiple retreats, workshops and teacher trainings including the Wanderlust Boston Teacher Training and South Boston Yoga Advanced Teacher Training. Currently, she teaches Blue Light Yoga on the North Shore.


Each word she says is soaked in compassion and love.

I tell everyone to take Georgia's class. When they ask me why, I say 'because she teaches from such a beautiful space in heart, that each word she says is soaked in love and compassion.' As a teacher myself, I look for inspiration for my classes and my own practice and I am so grateful for the opportunity to practice with Georgia every week, because she never lets me down, and I leave full of inspiration for all aspects of my practice. Her sequences are smart and playful, energetic and compassionate, and taught from a place of experience and passion for all aspects of what a yoga practice can be, on and off the mat. She continues to bring something so special to each and everyone of her classes, where she provides a balanced space where I can listen to my inner teacher, while surrendering to what she has to offer each day, so when I leave, I feel a little more whole than when I walked in.

-Sarah Kearns

So much heart.

Georgia brings so much intelligence and so much heart to each and every yoga class she teaches. Every sequence is a revelation, with a focused approach toward a specific area of the body or a peak pose. Whether you are a true beginner or a seasoned practitioner, you will learn so much from Georgia. The special combination of Georgia's experience and depth in her own yoga practice along with her loving guidance and support makes for a truly gifted teacher--for asana, breath, and even life beyond the mat.

-Ezra Block