Blue Light Schedule

Drop In Classes:

Mondays 9:15-10:30AM Vinyasa Flow at Treetop Yoga in Gloucester MA

Series Classes

Blue Light on the Eightfold Path - Mondays starting Monday, July 16 through Monday, October 22, 2018 from 10:45am-11:45am

The richness of yoga is found when the practice follows you off your mat. For eight sessions over a four month period, join me every other week after my Monday 9:15 class to embark on an exploration of how to bring our yoga practice into our every day lives. Honing our understanding of our asana practice as a means to a greater end, the 9:15 class will lay the groundwork for a rich hour-long group discussion on how to find a greater sense of freedom and authenticity in our ego-driven culture.

Together we will read Dr. Mark Epstein’s latest book Advice Not Given: A Guide to Getting Over Yourself in which he uses the Eightfold Path as the road map for spiritual and psychological growth, a way to deal with the intractable ego. Each session will focus on a limb of the Eightfold Path: Right View, Right Motivation, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, and Right Concentration.

Please join me on this journey of educating ourselves on how to tap into our greater human potential and understanding why this can be so difficult as we replace self doubt with self compassion. It’s our ongoing responsibility to take care of ourselves, and not just physically. We are wired to evolve into greater human beings spiritually, emotionally, socially, mentally; this is the practice of yoga. Dis-ease comes when we allow the evolution to go stagnant. Participating in this series will inevitably bring you exactly what you need. First steps are simply to sign up and show up. The rest will unfold as soon as you make space for the unexpected.

Mondays 10:45-11:45 AM*

July 16, July 30, August 5, August 13, August 27, September 10, September 24, October 8, October 22

Price for 6 sessions: $120
Price for 8 sessions: $144

*Please plan on coming to Georgia’s 9:15 class beforehand

The Beginners Series: 

An 10-week series.  Stay tuned for next session dates.

Have you ever wondered what yoga is all about but never had the opportunity or courage to try it? Well this your chance! It doesn’t matter if you are tight or flexible, total novice or wanting to reconnect to the fundamentals of your practice, male or female, lengthy or stocky...this class is for everyone! Over the course of 8 weeks, you will learn fundamental postures and alignment as well as how to link breath to movement and meditate. You will experience, first hand, how the practice makes you stronger and more flexible on the outside, and softer (and more flexible) on the inside. At the end of the 8 weeks, you will be hooked, not to mention ready to drop into any yoga class, anywhere!

Weeks 1&2: Sun Salutations A / Standing Postures
Weeks 3&4: Sun Salutations B / Twists and Backbends
Weeks 5&6: Seated Postures / Meditation
Weeks 7&8: Arm Balances / Inversions

Please email if you’re interested. A minimum of 5 people is required to run the series so get your friends to join!  $140 in advance, $160 day of.

The Foundations Series:

A 6-week series.  Stay tuned for next session dates. 

This series will be part flow and part workshop. Each class will begin with sun salutations and a short sequence to open up and/or strengthen a specific area of the body. In the latter part of class, we will break down a certain posture, theme or breathing technique. The Foundation Series is for the yogi or yogini who is less sure of the yoga world and looking for a safe, open, and fun environment to explore vinyasa yoga. Correct alignment in postures, learning new postures, getting familiar with Sanskrit terms, getting to know your internal locks (bandhas) and gaze points (drishti), exploring different breathing techniques, sitting in meditation and practicing the linking of breath to movement (vinyasa) are themes we will explore in this series.

Please email if you’re interested in being part of the entire series or drop into a Monday class 9:30 to 10:30 AM to see what it’s all about.  A minimum of 8 people is required to run the series so get your friends to join! Cost is $105.

The Group Series

A 5-week discussion group that follows the All Levels class on Wednesdays 11:00 to 11:30AM. Attending the All Levels class beforehand is a requirement. Stay tuned for next session dates.

These group discussions are open to anyone willing to commit to showing up with an open mind and heart. Consistency is key to the Group Series. (That being said it is understood when things come up or if plans are already in place that prevent you from being at a session). The discussions will center around a theme from class or outside readings and assignments. Participating in this series will bring you a new sense of community and deepen your yoga practice, challenging you physically, intellectually and spiritually. You will leave each week feeling inspired and renewed.

Please email to sign up for next series or drop in to a group discussion to see what it’s all about.  A minimum of 5 people is required to run this series. Cost is $135.  Price includes the All Level Class and following Group Discussion. Class cards may be used towards amount due.

Private Instruction and/or Counseling
Contact Georgia at


By far one of the best.

Having practiced with numerous teachers over the last fifteen years, I can say that Georgia is by far one of the best. Her spirit, intuition, compassion, and understanding shines through her both on and off the mat. Georgia is creative in her flow composition, helpful in her demonstrations and modifications, and inspiring with in her own practice. I cannot glow about her enough.

-Dr. Holcomb Johnston

A Magical Teacher.

Georgia is a magical teacher. Her classes are challenging, yet she infuses them with kindness and encouragement for every student. Through intelligent and creative sequencing, she builds each class like a work of art. She is compassionate, thoughtful, and as real as they come. One of my all-time favorite teachers!

-Beth Reisen

Infuses class with her spirit.

Georgia infuses her classes with spirit - her spirit. She, and her spirit, are all about loving encouragement: nurturing, inspiring, pushing and challenging each and every one of us to realize ourselves as fully as we are able in our yoga practice.

-Bill Stephenson