Clichés and Azores Opening

I often give the advice "do it differently, try another avenue." So this fall, I'm going to take a stab at listening to my own advice (because usually what we tell other people is really what we need to hear ourselves, right?). I'm not going to teach any classes for the time being. I'm actively looking for a space to house Blue Light but until the right space manifests, I'm sitting still for awhile. Awhile may be a week, a month...maybe longer.

Another tidbit I often share is "look for the clichés in life" as they are often hastily disregarded. Well, I'm currently living one of these clichés and I'm trying hard to embrace rather than disregard this pivotal transition. I'm the mom whose babies are now in school all day, everyday, and suddenly, I have, for the first time in 8 years (Insert: I know it sounds so cliché's killing me too!) time to myself. And before I jump into any routine, I want to take this opportunity to assess, feel, wait, listen, enjoy. I've got to let the possibilities settle here: Is it another baby? (Insert again: cliché!) Is it another dog? (Oh wait, I already pulled that trigger in June because apparently I really was sub-consciously worried about what was to come when Phoebe climbed up onto that yellow bus, which, by the way, happened yesterday.) Is it create Blue Light Barn, a place I've been fantasizing about for a long time; a place where we can all come together and inspire each other through whatever means we have to offer, whether it's yoga, food, gardening, counseling, parenting, surviving, name it. Or will I finally find the time to write more- a novel maybe (Alert: cliché cliché cliché...I know I know I know...but what if I actually do it- how awesome would that be!)? Or will I go back to school again and get that all mighty PhD in Psychology (since we all know that's what I'm geared for, not to mention what I'm good at.)

Yep, I've hit it. My very own mini mid-life (?) crisis.

But crisis isn't really the right word. Because despite all of the uncertainty, I am so full of love and gratitude and joy for what immediately surrounds me: all of you, my children, my husband, my family (even though they often give me a run for my money), my dogs, my chickens, everything outdoors especially my garden and all those peepers these nights, the U.S. Open in the background, and for this opportunity to assess.

Although I don't have any weekly classes for the time being, I am still leading a retreat to the Azores in October and it just so happens we have had a cancellation so there is an open spot if you're interested in joining us October 17-23. Email me or Kristin for more details or questions.

I hope you all are well. And remember if in doubt, look for the clichés for wisdom and opportunities to do it differently.


PS Pulling the puppy trigger luckily turned out well: Sugar is the sweetest.