Blue Light and Amy are Giving S'more

On Friday, an unseasonably warm day, my family and I drove to Appleton, a beautiful working farm patched together by rolling stone walls and rooted, through all-knowing trees, to a time without cell phones, to celebrate our friend Amy. As we moved along the winding dirt road, following arrows to the "Celebration of Amy’s Life" written in chalk on slate, we were overwhelmed (but not surprised) by the stream of cars ahead of us, behind us. Car after car parked in the field, person after person opened their doors, and joined the steady seamless flow to our seats under the enormous white tent looming in front of us. Embrace. Again. And again. Each face sparked a connection to Amy and our mutual loss. Each embrace another notch in healing. The sun so bright. The air so warm. The sky so blue.

"Mommy, do you hear the person behind me crying?" whispered my son.

"Yes, he is sad" I tell him, "We’re all sad.”

But there was laughter too, and joy, as we listened to stories about Amy and reflected on how lucky we all are for knowing her. It was a beautiful service. One I imagine we all aspire to have at the end of our time here on Earth. Amy’s celebration was a win, maybe even record-breaking. Her husband, son, teacher, coach, father, brothers and best friend got up and spoke so eloquently and so highly of her. Every one of us left that tent inspired to write a bucket list, not only for our life, but for our weekend too; to get outside; to make an ordinary task extraordinary; to eat good food; to travel; to approach each day as an opportunity for adventure; to be a hall of fame mom that instills resilience, humor, confidence, and the importance of taking a swing no matter what the outcome in her children; and finally (and most poignantly to me) to live life as a good sport. Her father said, “Amy was just Amy." She was good. She was balanced. Amy sent me on my way with the fierce and fresh inspiration to channel a new level of sportsmanship and drive in my daily game—and the invaluable reminder to simply live as Georgia. There is no bigger game changer, no bigger feat.

There's no 4pm All Levels Class today. (Hopefully you already got that message. Amy would prefer all off us to be running or biking in the rain.) I will see you on Wednesday at 930AM. You can always check the schedule

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