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Blue Light on the Eightfold Path with Georgia Reath

  • TREETOPS YOGA 3A Pond Road Gloucester, MA, 01930 United States (map)

The richness of yoga is found when the practice follows you off your mat. For eight sessions over a four month period, join me every other week after my Monday 9:15 class to embark on an exploration of how to bring our yoga practice into our every day lives. Honing our understanding of our asana practice as a means to a greater end, the 9:15 class will lay the groundwork for a rich hour-long group discussion on how to find a greater sense of freedom and authenticity in our ego-driven culture.

Together we will read Dr. Mark Epstein’s latest book Advice Not Given: A Guide to Getting Over Yourself in which he uses the Eightfold Path as the road map for spiritual and psychological growth, a way to deal with the intractable ego. Each session will focus on a limb of the Eightfold Path: Right View, Right Motivation, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, and Right Concentration.

Please join me on this journey of educating ourselves on how to tap into our greater human potential and understanding why this can be so difficult as we replace self doubt with self compassion. It’s our ongoing responsibility to take care of ourselves, and not just physically. We are wired to evolve into greater human beings spiritually, emotionally, socially, mentally; this is the practice of yoga. Dis-ease comes when we allow the evolution to go stagnant. Participating in this series will inevitably bring you exactly what you need. First steps are simply to sign up and show up. The rest will unfold as soon as you make space for the unexpected.

Mondays 10:45-11:45 AM*
July 16, July 30, August 5, August 13, August 27, September 10, September 24, October 8, October 22
Price for 6 sessions: $120
Price for 8 sessions: $144


*Please plan on coming to Georgia’s 9:15 class beforehand