Mother's Day Weekend

Growing up, my mother pooh-poohed mother’s day as a hallmark holiday. My husband, however, ignored my inherited skepticism and has created a Mother’s Day tradition that I have come to cherish: every first Sunday in May since the birth of our son, my husband has whisked our family away to a quiet weekend on the Vineyard with a backpack full of hallmark cards (all of which, I must admit, I love to receive…I even get one from our dog Gritty Girl!). After reading my cards, we indulge in blueberry pancakes at The Black Dog overlooking the Vineyard Haven harbor.

So…all this to tell you I won’t be here to teach my 8am All Levels on Saturday.But do not despair, it’s only fair to pay all this mama love forward. I will be teaching avery special Mother’s Day class on Sunday at 4pm! The class will be 60 minutes of vinyasa flow followed by 30 minutes of supported poses, breath work and meditation. If you would like to sign up for the class, please email me at

Ryan Lee Crosby will be returning to Blue Light Yoga on Saturday May 14 to play live music at my 8am All Levels Class. You do not want to miss this.

Finally, I would like to leave you with an essay written by Anna Quindlen that was forwarded to me by my aunt a few years ago while I was on the Vineyard. Quindlen’s meditation on being a mom resonates deeply. She highlights three truths that I continually come back to as guiding principles in being Pip and Phoebe’s mom: one must learn to trust herself, one must live for the present, and everything we need is already within and surrounding us. Each time I read the essay, I am grateful to be reminded of these truths.