"We all Got. We All Need."

Well, a lot has happened since I last wrote before Mother’s Day…

My cousin passed away earlier this month. His death was sudden and (continues to be) heart wrenching. Only weeks into life without my cousin, I am acutely aware of the finality of death and the labor of grieving. I have a new understanding of what it means for your heart to ache and your breath to be taken away and the all-encompassing effects of grieving. And all the while, another week goes by, another month begins, and the simple unbelievable undeniable truth is driven home: life goes on. The truth stings as much as it holds us in place.

Three days after my cousin passed, my nephew was born. My little brother is a dad, and Pip and Phoebe have a first cousin and I am an aunty. My family basked in the joy of life after death, and relished the distraction from our sadness. As I caressed my nephew’s tiny feet, I was overwhelmed with gratitude and awe. He was fresh from God, my grandmother would say. We fantasized that my cousin was holding Graham in those few days before his birthday.

Last night, after putting my children to bed, I came downstairs to an email from a dear friend who shared the shocking and very scary news that she has cancer and has to undergo a 10-hour surgery and some months of recovery and rehabilitation. And just like that, there was the heart ache. It reminds me of the times on my mat when my body finds a pose for the first time and my cell memory makes it easier to come back to a second, third, and fourth time...

I share this with all of you to keep it real; to unite us in our sadness and grief as much as in our happiness and joy. It is important that both sides of the coin receive airtime. Suffering and loss are as inevitable as gratitude and life so why not hone our familiarity with each grade of life with the intention to soften our fear, or at the very least, reach over the mantle to remind us that we are never alone. As my friend signed her email last night, quoting Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson: “We all we got. We all we need."

And now to Blue Light Yoga news:

Yesterday I was told that I have to be out of the ballroom by June 12. Of course I hate to lose this beautiful space to practice and share Blue Light Yoga within but I always knew the space was temporary. I’m so grateful to have had the space for as long as did to start Blue Light Yoga here in Hamilton. It’s been nothing but a pleasure teaching in the ballroom and meeting so many of you. I’m only sorry that I am not able to give you more lead time about temporarily shutting down. So what does this mean? It does mean that I will no longer have the world’s greatest commute. It doesn’t mean the end of Blue Light Yoga in Hamilton. I am currently looking for a new space to open in the fall. My intentions for the space are (just in case anyone has any ideas): local; natural light; hardwood floors; healing energy; charm and easy access.

So we’ve got two more opportunities to practice in the ball room together: Saturday June 4 and Saturday June 11! Unfortunately, I have a graduation next week in Annapolis so am not able to teach on June 7 and 8. Our last Saturday classes at Bracken House will be a celebration of life and summer and Blue Light.

Love to all, 

Please note if you have a class card, you can choose to wait to use it at the new location in the fall or I can refund you for any unused classes. Just let me know if you would prefer the latter.